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Shantou Yang Ge Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional production Laminating machine, flexographic printing press manufacturers, located in the South China Sea coast, good food, plastic machinery manufacturing base --- Shantou; Yang Ge to new management and staffing modelintroduction of senior personnel have many years of plastic machinery design, production, hiring senior technology expert guidance; based on the introduction of advanced Germany, Italy, Austria and Japan, technology, independent research and development production extruded salivation machine, double-sided laminating machinespeed Laminating Machine, paper and plastic film compound machine, high-speed coating machine, cutting machine, paper and plastic into a tube seam adhesive bag and other products, a variety of similar products can also be customized according to customer process requirements.
My company after the introduction, digestion, absorption, and technological innovation, technology-oriented, based on quality, guaranteed service guidelines developed high-tech software and hardware packaging high speed extrusion salivation composite units. Development and production of high-speed extrusion YGFM series the crew have YGFM bunk (three) co-extruded composite units the (international most advanced the ABA distribution technology) YGFM multilayer co-extrusion online Zhisu aluminum composite units, YGFM sided Laminating printing coating extrusion laminating machine. Development and production of high-speed extrusion laminating machine, it is widely used in instant noodle packaging, food packaging, aseptic packaging of milk drinks, boiled bag, the toothpaste sheet composite, high-end digital photo paper, paper cups, paper, kraft paper and other kinds of packaging and single-sided, double-sided lamination with a multi-layer co-extruded composite. At the same time, the company also has a number of engineering and economic management, and has extensive experience in the production front-line technicians and highly qualified workforce, for our industry to provide technology consulting, technology services and technology development. Technical indicators of performance, quality, material consumption of these products, have reached the level of similar foreign products, selling products, and exported to Europe and the United States, won the praise of customers at home and abroad.
I will be in the "principle of" customer first, quality first, service first, technology innovation first "; dedication and service to our customers, and warmly welcome friends at home and abroad come to negotiate business letter, visit the company tour guide.







地址:汕头潮汕路金园工业城金兴路7B 5-1号